Instant & Interactive CMAs

Fully automated CMAs with a modern look and feel and totally customizable. Engage Buyers/Sellers online

CMA platform driven by AI/ML with lead capture widgets

Lead Capture Chatbots

Integrates with your home value widgets to help you convert Home Value reports into custom CMAs

Deliver or Present Online

Deliver CMAs online or present virtually. Track activity and interact with your client online.

Connected to your MLS

No nee to download comps from the MLS - we have it covered.
Including Public Record Sales

Full Featured CMA platform

Customize your template for the CMA

You can include / exclude various sections of the report. Content is already curated and ready to go. Reorder the sections as you wish.

Your interactive report is ready in minutes - including local market trends

Our analytics engines are calculating insights for every local market and it is automatically included in every report.

A fully interactive report is ready to be shared online with your client or to present online within a couple of minutes.

Simplify & Save with One integrated IDX + CRM + CMA platform

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