Simple CRM

Custom lead funnels, automatic assignment, & built-in campaigns

Machine learning scores every lead
Full visibility into lead activities & qualification

Custom Lead Funnels

Lead Dashboard with summary of your lead funnel, marketing automation, most recent & active leads.

Funnel qualification is fully automated with lead score that aware of successful behaviors and aging of activity.

Real-time Lead Activity Tracking

See active users on your website in real-time.

In-Depth visibility into lead activity:
  • Properties Viewed
  • Saved Searches
  • Rental Analysis on Properties
  • Emails Viewed
  • Click Thru from Emails
And a lot more..

Manage Contacts & Campaigns

Engage your past clients - upload contacts, auto-verification of addresses.

Create and run email campaigns and track open rates.
Know when a lead responds to a CTA.

Send listing emails & track click thru rates

Compose and send emails to clients within the app.

Easily embed listing recommendations with images.
Track customer email response activity

CRM is included in your
Fixed Price subscription

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