Home Value Chatbot

Fully automated Instant CMAs delivered by chatbot & widget

Add a CMA chatbot or widget to your website.
Receive leads and nurture them with live CMAs.

Fully Automated CMA

Enter an address to generate & deliver a CMA instantly.

CMA Chatbot or Widget

Install a CMA Chatbot / Widget in minutes on your website

Monitor with Lead Dashboard

Install a CMA Chatbot / Widget in minutes on your website

Integrated into the CRM

Or export leads to your favorite CRM w/ live updates on activity

Increase engagement on your website with an interactive chatbot

The Home Value Chatbot can conduct a complete conversation with your site visitors and deliver a fully automated CMA & capture the lead.

Place the Home Value Widget anywhere on your website

The Home Value Widget is best suited for embedding a button or a form in your website - fully integrated with your brand - colors, styles, and fonts

You can customize the delivered Home Value Report

Reports delivered to the lead are available to you on ProspektrCMA to customize the comps, value, or content. Take control and track lead activity

Automate online customer engagement now

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