Rental Analytics

Attract Investors:
Repeat Buyers & Sellers

Help your customers navigate real estate investments
Partner with investor-friendly loan officers

Rent Value for every home

Calculated monthly to keep up with local trends

Search Listings by Cap Rates

Find investment opportunities for a target cap-rate

Investment ROI Calculators

Complete financial proforma for any residential property

Share Investment Scenarios

Create and share investment scenarios with customers

Rent Values & Cap Rates for every home

Engage your customers with rent values and analytics

Rents automatically adjust for inflation and local rental trends in your market

Investment Calculators auto-populated with data

Your customers can perform deep investment analysis powered by data

  • Tax Assessments and Monthly Taxes
  • Home Owners Association Fees
  • Local Home Insurance rates
Offer specialized investor services

Save & Share Investment Scenarios

Your customers can save investment scenarios and share it with friends and family.

You can recommend investment opportunities with a detailed auto-generated investment analysis.

Search filters for Investors: Find listings by target Cap Rate

Provide the tools for your investor customers.

They can set a cap rate and find listings that best match those targets.

Saved searches with cap-rates automatically alert your customers to new investment opportunities.

All included in your single & simple Fixed Price

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