Engage buyers & home owners in your market

Build trust and long-term client relationships

Find buyers in your past client list

Give your clients a platform to conduct deeper research on properties – this is not another Zillow


Deliver branded live online CMAs to your prospects

Full featured CMA platform to engage homeowners and buyers. Deliver fully automated home value reports.

Capture leads using Prospektr Home Value chatbot or widget

Home Value chatbots engage your website visitors and deliver branded CMAs instantly while capturing the leads.

Get direct feedback on your client's real estate interests

Prospektr activity dashboard alerts you to any specific interests indicated by your clients

Discovery Tools
Deal Alerts
Property Bots
Comparable Sales
Deal Analytics
Property Monitors
Market Insights

Automated Bots alerts you to opportunities in your markets

Prospektr keeps a watch in your market areas and recommends properties you should keep an eye on

New Listings
Ownership Status
Mortgage Closings
New Home Loans
Estimate LTV Ratios
Price/Status Changes
Occupancy Status
Property Distress

Prospektr will monitor your markets and push leads to you

You can monitor all your past client addresses for any market activity

Monitor off- or on-market properties - know when to act

Set up the bots one time and let Prospektr alert you to opportunities
prospektr property monitoring settings

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