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Value & Income Investing in Real Estate

Prospektr helps value and income investors in real estate build wealth.

There are many investment strategies in real estate but our primary focus is what a majority of us can easily execute – buy a property, rent it for a long time for income and equity & value appreciation, and eventually sell it.

Well, there are many terms in that sentence you can explore further, but here is a set of short definitions for them:

Value & Income investing in real estate is all about long-term income and value / equity growth as opposed to short-term get rich, high risk, or high involvement strategies.

Most investors are not ready to leave their day job which is paying their bills to go jump headlong into real estate investing as a full time endeavor. But we do see most investors, like the founders of Prospektr, are interested in diversifying their long term investments into income generating rental properties. This is not a get rich in 1 or 2 years strategy but a planned execution to achieve eventual financial independence without risking the job that keeps our primary lifestyle going.

Also, note that many other real estate investment strategies require a lot more time commitment compared to the simple buy and rent models. Read more: Finding a suitable real estate investment strategy.

Prospektr is the platform for Value & Income investing

The tools available to this most common investor to find and analyze opportunities is very limited or they require some monthly fees to use. Websites site us Zillow or offer a lot of information on the properties, but not a detailed financial analysis capability for any property or the current mortgage information or the ability to monitor individual properties.

We built Prospektr to bring such investor grade tools to everyone. We hope you can start your real estate investment journey here and continue to enjoy all the facilities we plan to introduce for the most common investors like us.

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