What parameters are available to me for filtering properties?

In Prospektr, the properties can be filtered based on property type, property specifications, ownership, tax and assessment details, value of home, mortgage details and insights on the property’s propensity to sell.

Property Types available are:

  • Single Family Residence
  • Condominium
  • Mobile Home
  • Quadruplex
  • Manufactured Home
  • Multi Family >4
  • Multi Family
  • Manufactured on Land
  • Apartment

Under Property Specifications, user can provide range values for: 

  • Number of Bed
  • Number of Bath
  • Living Area
  • Lot Size
  • Number of Parking Spaces
  • Number of Stories

Ownership: Ownership details include details of whether the property is owned by an individual or a corporation, whether it is currently occupied, how long it has been owned and the last sale date. The fields provide are:

  • Owned By
    • Individual/Corporation
  • Absentee
    • Owner Occupied/Not Occupied
  • Range of Ownership Duration
  • Range of Last Sale Date

Tax & Assessment: Tax & assessment filtering by providing range value of annual tax amount, total assessed value, etc. A user can provide values under:

  • Total Tax Amount Range 
  • Total Assessed Value Range
  • Land Assessed Value Range

Value: Value based search helps in filtering the properties according to the required range of home value. User can specify the range of Last Sale Value in the field provided.

Mortgage: Mortgage filter provides fields to select the count of mortgages, range of estimated monthly payment, current estimated LTV, details of the first and second mortgage ( term, principal amount, interest rate, rate type). The fields available are:

  • No. of mortgages
  • Total estimated Monthly Payment
  • Current Estimated LTV
  • Details of 1st and 2nd mortgages ( term, principal amount, interest rate, rate type)

Under Insights, users can choose the range of the property’s propensity to sell.