Discovering new opportunities using Prospektr

We believe is democratizing the real estate data & insights and make it easy for anyone to perform their own research to uncover opportunities. We take 2 primary approaches to achieve this goal:

  1. Provide the best tools for you to perform your research – pre-computed insights to analyze the market and find those nuggets
  2. Learn from you and offer you opportunity recommendations – opportunities that you have otherwise considered as serendipitous
Performing your own research using segmentation

Prospektr offers various built-in filters for you to research a geographic area. The visualization on a map makes it easy for you view your markets or neighborhoods, draw your market boundaries and find the properties of interest to you. Please see here for the exhaustive list of filters available to you to analyze the properties.

Once identified you can add them to your list of favorites and track as many such favorite lists as you want. These lists are nothing but your target customer segments and Prospektr will begin monitoring them on your behalf.

In addition, you can also export the segments to your favorite CRM. We are working on various CRM partnerships and a list will be available soon.

Get automated and actionable recommendations

Prospektr’s AI bots are constantly monitoring for opportunities that you may prefer the most based on your past segment analyses. The bots do all the hard work of matching them to your needs and scoring them. So, when recommendations are presented to you these are already auto-curated leads for you to directly add to your existing segments.

Please read more on automated recommendations in another learning center article.