Filters ‘R Us: We have a filter for that !

There are numerous data & insight filters available in Prospektr to meet any of your prospect discovery or segmentation needs. And our awesome engineering team relentlessly keeps adding more pertinent ones while our user experience team finds the best way for you to use them.

The data in Prospektr covers the following major data sets:

  • Property Information – all characteristics
  • Taxes & Assessment Information
  • Ownership Information
  • Mortgages and history
  • Property Sale History
  • Valuation of Properties including sale & rent values and value change history
  • Schools: District and Attendance boundaries
  • Local Market Insights – 24 different indicators for every market

Given all that exhaustive data, you need a simple way to find what you are looking for. Our tech teams love that challenge and they have created the following list of search parameters to help zero-in on your analysis:

Property Information:

  1. Property Type: Single Family, Townhouse, Condo, etc.
  2. Number of Beds
  3. Number of Baths
  4. Living Area
  5. Lot Size
  6. Parking Spaces
  7. Number of Stories/Floors

Ownership Information:

  1. Owner Type: Individual or Corporation
  2. Absentee Ownership
  3. Ownership Duration

Taxes and Assessment:

  1. Annual Taxes
  2. Total Assessed Value
  3. Assessed Land Value
  4. Assessed Improvement Value


  1. Last Sale Price
  2. Last Sale Date


  1. Number of Mortgages
  2. Total Estimated Monthly Payments
  3. Total Estimated Loan Balance
  4. Current Estimated LTV
  5. Mortgage Term
  6. Principal Amount
  7. Interest Rate
  8. Rate Type: Fixed, Adjustable, etc.
  9. Mortgage Open Date

Mortgage filters are available for each open mortgage.


  1. Sale Value
  2. Rent Value
  3. Cap Rates – Capitalization Rate is an indicator of the returns on rental income

Propensity Scores:

  1. Propensity to Sell
  2. Propensity to Refinance (coming soon)